Frequently asked questions

Q: The parking fees increased 1.1.2010, do I have to update my parking device before loading money into it?
A: You can use the money in the device if you have loaded it before 1.1.2010, but when loading after that the new parking fees will automatically be updated in the device.

Q: How do I update new parking fees to the device?
A: You need an internet connection, a miniUSB-cable, and the operating system has to be Win XP, Vista, 7 or 8. You also need to install the Comet USB driver. You find more instructions from the section “Comet settings”.


If you are unable to update the device (e.g. with a Mac), you can visit the Comet service point (Klaarantie 3 A, 00200 HELSINKI) or Rakennusvirasto (Pohjoinen makasiinikatu 9, HELSINKI) to update it.

You can also send the device to be updated to our customer service point. Write “Asiakaspalautus” on the parcel so you don’t have to pay for the postage. Please remember to include the return address!

Q: When parking, a random code is displayed in the display, e.g. CODE 2EF2. What is this code?
A: This code is meant for parking parking enforcement officers. The officers can check from the code that the device is valid and not manipulated.

Q: Can I transfer funds from my Parcard to a Comet?
A: Unfortunately not. You can however use the Parcard device as long as you have money loaded on the chip card.

Q: How do I read the parking history?
A: You can read it from our website Click on “Read parking records or update Comet”. Please remember that the Comet device has to be connected to the computer through the whole process. The Comet USB driver also has to be installed.
You can also read the parking history at Helsingin Kaupungin Rakennusvirasto and at the Comet service point (Klaarantie 3, 00200 Helsinki)

Q: I got a traffic ticket although the Comet was switched on correctly. What should I do?
A: If you want to make a complaint about a traffic ticket, please contact Helsingin Kaupungin Rakennusvirasto at Pohjoinen makasiinikatu 9, HELSINKI.
If you make a complaint on the internet, you have to read the parking history from the device IMMEDIATELY. You can read the parking history from our website, Helsingin Kaupungin Rakennusvirasto or at our service point.
More info: Rakennusviraston nettisivut

Q: How do I know how much saldo I have in my Comet?
A: Every time you switch on the device the text BANK is displayed and after that your saldo will be displayed.

Q: I forgot to print the receipt when I loaded my Comet. How can I get the receipt?
A: Please send an e-mail to stating your Comet serial number (on the front side of the device), the loading date and we will send you the receipt in PDF format.

Q: I have an old Parcard which I’d like to change to a Comet. Where can I return the old device?
A: As Parcard is hazardous waste it should be returned to a recycling centre. Laatukilpi Oy only needs the serial number of your Parcard.

Q: How do I get the serial number from my Parcard?
A: The serial number is in the receipt, on the back of the package or you can get it by pressin the –button (P-Aika) for 10 seconds, where after you get the first 4 serial numbers. Press the same button again and you get the remaining 4 serial numbers. The serial number altogether is 8 numbers.

Q: If I lose my Comet or it gets stolen, what can I do?
A: Immediately send the serial number to us, as we can lock the device. Unfortunately the money in the device can be used, but after that the device is useless unless we unlock it.

Q: What if my Comet gets broken and there is money in it?
A: Bring the device to our customer service point at Klaarantie 3, 00200 Helsinki. If the memory is intact we can see how much money is in it and load it into a new Comet.

Q: Where should I place the Comet in my car when parking?
A: At the right side of the driver, on the assistant driver’s side. You can put the Comet in the side window with the blue hanger, or keep it at the dashboard. It must be clearly visible for the parking enforcement officers.

Q: Do I need a MiniUSB-cable?
A: You don’t necessarily need a miniUSB-cable. It is also possible to load money without a cable. However, to update the device and the clock, you need to do it with a miniUSB-cable. The same applies to reading the parking history.

Q: How do I update the clock?
A: You can update it on our website Choose “Read parking records or update Comet”. You can also visit Helsingin Kaupungin Rakennusvirasto (Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu 9) or our customer service point at Klaarantie 3, 00200 Helsinki, to update the clock.

Q: How long is the warranty?
A: 24 months. If your device is faulty, please return it to our customer service point.

Q: Can I use my Comet in any vehicle?
A: Yes. Comet is not attached to any special vechicle (only Eco-Comets are)

Q: Can I park with Comet in other cities than Helsinki?
A: No. You can only park with Comet in Helsinki.

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: Approx. 280 hours of parking. We strongly recommend you to only use Renata CR2430 batteries. Other batteris can cause the device to malfunction. We cannot guarantee that Comet will work with other batteries.

Q: What does the code ER04 in the display mean?
A: ER04 means that there is no money in the Comet, and can therefore not be started.

Here is an explanation of other error codes:

ER00 – Comet is full, you cannot load more money
ER02 – Too many failed loadings with randomized codes. The device is locked and has to be unlocked with a minUSB-cable.
ER04 – No money in the Comet
ER08 – The clock is wrong and has to be updated
ER09 – Same as ER04
ER11 – Too many failed loading attempts with miniUSB- cable or alternatively the miniUSB-cable has been unplugged during loading.
ER05, 06, 07 – The device is locked and has to be unlocked with a miniUSB-cable
"Batt "  - This text indicates that the battery level is low. The battery should be changed to a new.

Q: What should I do if I can’t load the device and/ or do not know how to use it?
A: Please call our technical support at 010087870 (workdays 8-16), send us an e-mail at or visit our customer service point at Klaarantie 3, 00200 Helsinki.